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Welcome to Wildflowers!

Amy Gribbin, BS, CCE, CBC, CIMI, CD

 It is my privilege to provide

 Natural Childbirth Education Classes,

Breastfeeding Education and Support,

Doula Services, Infant Massage Instruction,

 and Holistic Parenting Consultation for

expectant families in North Carolina.

I am passionate about guiding you and your partner during this very special time in your lives.  My goal is to empower and educate you about informed decision making, natural birth, and tuning into your body so that you will believe in your body’s inner wisdom. Every woman is capable of natural childbirth – we just need to educate ourselves & trust the process. 

Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby, Trust Birth!!

Natural Childbirth Education Classes

Fall 2015 Series: To Be Determined

- Private classes always available -

Questions??  Contact Amy anytime!



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  • "Amy (our amazing doula), your love and support during the labor and birth of our little girl mean more to us than words could ever express. We are so thankful to have had you b..."
  • "I don't think I ever would have followed through with my ideas for a natural childbirth if we didn't do these classes with you. It wasn't just what you taught, but how you taugh..."

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