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The Ultimate Labor/Birth Place Packing List  

Keep the items you’ll need for laboring in a separate bag/someplace very easily accessible – you’ll need things while laboring at home as well as laboring at the hospital. Don’t bring everything into the birth place all at once, have several bags. For homebirthers, consider  these suggested items for your “birth box”

Purse/insurance cards/ID

Copy of Birth Plan

Helpful handouts from class and student workbook

Guided relaxation scripts

Comfy clothes for labor (tank tops/skirts/”moo-moo”)

Lightweight bathrobe

Slippers or flip flops/Crocs! – footwear that can get wet!

Hair rubber bands/Hair brush

Lip balm

Personal toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste…)


Water/diluted juice/diluted sports drinks/coconut water in sports bottle  

bendy straws

Snacks – granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit, crackers, cheese cubes, pretzels, protein bars, applesauce, yogurt… food easy to eat with spoon

Garden Kneeler Pad/Mat

CD player or I-Pod/Labor Music Mix –portable dock so music fills room

rice sock, cold packs-ziplock bag w/ crushed ice

Washcloths (to refresh forehead/neck during labor, for showers, to soak in a basin of ice and cold water to refresh mama during labor)

Massage oil/lotion – unscented and natural

Massage ‘tools’ – tennis ball, nukkles, rolling pin

Baby wipes

Lollipops – hard candies

Candles (led), pictures, focal point, flowers

aromatherapy – essential oils with a diffuser (portable diffuser)

Hand-held mirror

Camera/video – film and batteries


Contraction timing app/watch with second hand/stopwatch/cell phone

Phone list of those to call

Cell phone and charger and Laptop

Deck of cards/other games

Some cash - $20


Clorox sanitizing wipes/Seventh Generation Sanitizing Wipes (everything must get wiped down)

Birth ball



For the Coach:

Toiletries for coach – toothbrush/paste a must

mints (gum chewing may be annoying)

drinks/snacks and a sandwich (cafeteria not always open)

Change of clothes/bathing suit if birth tub– shoes that can get wet-dress in layers


For the car:

Waterproof pad to protect seat

A towel and a blanket

Plastic bag (may be used as sick bag or for wet/soiled stuff)

Infant/convertible Car seat – properly installed – know how to use it – have instructions

Full tank of gas

Bottle of water


After Birth:

Orange Juice and wedding day (or special occasion) toasting flutes – securely wrapped in bubble wrap!  Birth is something to celebrate!!

Extra Socks/panties

2 pillows - inexpensive ones with bright pillowcases (use for car ride, then leave until after baby is born)

Clothes to wear after the birth – cotton nursing tee-shirt/PJ pants or Nursing nightgown

Cotton sleep nursing bra

Cotton nursing tank

Going home outfit (you’ll still be wearing your maternity clothes)

Own sanitary pads (if preference)

Baby book for footprints and notes

Hand soap if preference (everyone washes hands before touching your baby!)

Make up if you wear it

Breastfeeding Book – phone numbers for Breastfeeding Support/LLL Leader

Prenatal vitamins


For Baby:

Going home outfit/sweater or coverall/Bundle Me or blanket

Several Cotton long-sleeved Undershirts, cotton baby caps, cotton receiving blankets (if preference)

natural baby wash

nail file to buff baby’s finger nails


Treats for the hospital staff (food will make them your friends)  On way to hospital pick up mini bagels, munchkins, platter of cut up fruit, box of chocolates…. 


List additional items here:




Resources/"The Stats"






http://www.llli.org/ La Leche League

http://www.kellymom.com/ Kellymom Breastfeeding and Parenting

http://www.drjacknewman.com/ Dr. Jack Newman


http://www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com/id89.html Dr. Brewer's Pregnancy Diet




The Stats





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